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It’s time for my once a year check-up by my wonderful oncologist Dr. Stefan Gluck at UM’s Sylvester Comprehensive  Cancer Center.  It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already. Time is on turbo charge it seems.  As I drive up emotions always seem to well up in me. 

The diagnosis. Prognosis. Risks. Stats. 17 sessions of Sacred Juice (chemo)….blood tests, Pet Scans, MRI’s…the watching…waiting….praying….laughing….crying….celebrating.  So many memories. So many emotions. 

As I walk in the doors I see others who remind me of what I used to look like back then:  Bald. Pale. Exhausted.  

But I was also happy.  Joyful.  Grateful.  I really did party my way through chemo with my beautiful compassionate friends who brought me to each and every session.  Who would have thought that receiving chemo could be so much fun?  Don’t get me wrong….physically, it was exhausting at times.  But emotionally and spiritually…it was charged with joy and love.  

I’m 4 years out: it makes me a 4 year survivor.  Though I really don’t like that term. I’m just…me.  Alive. Healthy. Thriving. Living and doing my best to serve others. Trying to help those who are going through their own healing journey. 

I dropped off a few copies of my book, The Cancer Dancer, and a ton of book marks. Hoping to distribute the books to every single cancer patient. I believe that it really can help them.  That’s why I took 3 years to write it.  And why I videotaped every moment of my journey.

Dr. Gluck said I was healthy. I knew that.  But of course, it’s always nice to hear those words.  And so…life goes on.  Living in gratitude and continuing to trust that everything happens as it does for a reason.

Another beautiful day to be grateful and alive.

I send you all my love and blessings.

Make the most of this day!!!














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Pat's Blog » Once a Year!